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Safety Anchor Accessories by Bulldog Safety Anchors…

Bulldog Safety Anchors manufactures the best steel safety anchors in the industry...and our anchor accessories are no different. We offer the best quality accessories for your toughest anchoring jobs. From anchor tags, to anchor eyes and extensions, we've got you covered. As with EVERY product we sell, our safety anchor accessories are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Be sure and contact us with questions or special requests you may have.

Our current line of safety anchor accessories...

Anchor Eyes for Helix Style Anchors

The helix anchor eye is available in two sizes: large and small. The larger anchor eye allows you to adjust the depth of the anchor, while the small has only a one-depth option. Both are designed to occupy the square tubing of the helix shaft. Because of the large size of the eye in each of the anchor eye options, many different sizes of chains are allowed to be utilized to screw in any helix anchor of your choice. Click here for complete details about Anchor Eyes >>


The Double Grip Extension

The Double Grip Extension is the newest member of the Bulldog Safety Anchors family. The Double Grip Extension is specially made for situations where our clients may need a longer rod in wet soil or dry dirt, or for simply trying to anchor below a wet surface. Designed for areas where a longer rod is required, it doubles the square inch surface area, allows for extended depth, installs easily and can be used with ANY of our 3 safety anchors...The Runt, The Big Dog or The Bull Grip. Click here for complete details about The Double Grip Extension >>


Safety Anchor Tags

Anchor Tags are commonly used when setting anchors to mark the date set, as well as who set them. We offer your choice of round or square tags.

Anchor Tags Package

Bulldog Anchor Tag Oackages come in 3 different quantities: 125, 250, or 500. Each package includes a heavy-duty toolbox to carry the tags and a stamping kit. The individual anchor tag includes a 9 inch wire cable and sleeve. Our safety anchor tags are different from plastic tags that others commonly use. That's because our tags are made from high quality aluminum, which is weather resistant, rust-proof and will not break when exposed to the elements. Contact us for more information on this outstanding product!


5' Yellow Poly Pipe Markers

Our Yellow Poly Pipe Markers are composed of 1 1/4 inch yellow poly pipe that is 5 feet in length. Their purpose is to mark where each anchor has been set. Don’t hesitate to contact our office to find out about our competitive prices!


Contact us today and let us help you with all of your safety anchor accessory needs.

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