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Deep Digging Dig Dog – Helix Style Earth Anchor

Our new galvanized steel, helix style earth anchor...called "The Deep Digging Dig Dog". Give us a call today for details about this powerful, one-of-a-kind anchor. Anchor specifications:

VIP Safety Anchor Package

NOW AVAILABLE: Our VIP Safety Anchor Package. This package includes:

One 3 ft. lead section galvanized steel with one 8 inch flute and one 10 inch flute.
Four 3 ft. galvanized steel extensions.
One anchor eye.
Five bolts.


earth safety anchors

Give us a call today for more details about the VIP package or to place your order!

Contact us today and let us help you with superior earth anchors and soil anchors for your job…large or small, we can handle it all!

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