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The Types of Customers Bulldog Safety Anchors Works With…

Bulldog Safety Anchor customers are primarily companies in the oil and natural gas industries, although our anchors are also sometimes used to secure wind towers.

Whatever their industry, our customers are companies who need top quality anchors to ensure the safety of their work sites and facilitate the job they do.

Our customers are located in many different locations across the nation and around the globe.

Bulldog Safety Anchors have been set in gas or oil wells in Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, the Panhandle of Texas, New Mexico, Utah and Alabama. Recently, the U.S. Government purchased Bulldog Safety Anchors for use at the Nevada Test Site in Las Vegas. Bulldog Safety Anchors also ships overseas in order to serve the needs of International customers.

We work hard with our customers to solve their problems, wants and needs when it comes to safety anchors…and we'll do the same for you!

Listed below are a few problem scenarios that may sound familiar. If so, one call to Bulldog Safety Anchors and your problem is fixed!

Problem: My company specializes in setting guy wire anchors for oil wells, but we can only set so many at a time. It seems like whenever I try to place an order for just a dozen or two, the manufacturer tries to push me to buy more. I know the manufacturers have huge inventories, so why can't they just be happy we're buying at all without trying to sell us dozens more than we can possibly use in two weeks time?

Solution: Bulldog Safety Anchors requires NO minimum orders. You can order as many or as few anchors you need for the job! Contact us today to place your order.

Problem: We're a well company who owns a number of older sites, and I know I need to replace a lot of our old guy wire anchors. Some of the really old ones have already failed our insurance company's required tests, so it's beyond just a matter of levels of safety. I see this as an opportunity to invest in top quality guy wire anchors, but everyone's products just look the same. I want to invest for the future, I don't just want to just buy the standard run-of-the-mill anchors everyone's been using for decades.

Solution: Bulldog Safety Anchors are designed for superior performance! Our clients tell us our guy wire anchors are able to perform exceptionally well under incredibly challenging soil conditions. Recently, we heard reports of how our anchors set pull test at 23,000 pounds, even if only 1 or 2 of the anchors' wings catch! See our Strength Testing Results.

Problem: My company is about to set guy wire anchors on a site where the soil's really loose from excavation. As if that's not bad enough, there's also a lot of solid rock areas we're going to have to deal with. I don't want to have to invest in more expensive, longer anchor rods I don't really need just to get a secure grip. What I really need are guy wire anchors that are designed for this kind of soil.

Solution: Our anchors are designed to work in a variety of soil conditions. Spefically The Big Dog Anchor is equipped with 3 expandable wings. Each anchor wing has points that can bite into small crevices or cracks in solid rock areas when you start pulling up to set the anchor. Learn more about The Big Dog Anchor.

Problem: I just completed a cost analysis to set 50 guy wire anchors for a new client. We tested 6' anchor rods, and they're too short to hold – but 8' rods take way too long to drill, and the extra two feet is really overkill. I can save 4 hours of drilling per anchor if I could buy a 7' rod, and it would be just the right length for the pull strength we need. I need to find a guy wire anchor manufacturer who will custom cut anchor rods without charging a fortune.

Solution: We offer customized manufacturing to meet your precise needs. Each of our three guy wire, stamped steel safety anchors are available with anchor rod lengths of 4', 6', 8' or 12'. However, if your project requires unusual dimensions, we'll be happy to custom-cut rods to suit your precise needs. Contact us today to place your custom order.

Bulldog Safety Anchors specializes in serving customers who:

Want to invest in top quality safety anchors with innovative designs for superior performance. Need fast, reliable delivery of orders of all sizes.

Require custom cuts that precisely meet their needs.

Demand exceptional customer service.

Want the security of a guarantee that equates to real value.

Require safety anchors that are designed to perform in the specific soil conditions they're working with.

oilfield safety anchors

If this sounds like you, Bulldog Safety Anchors are the oilfield safety anchors for you!

Contact us today and let us help you with superior safety anchors for your job…large or small, in the USA or overseas, we can handle it all!

A Bulldog Value…The Runt Anchor is made for less demanding jobs that still require quality, strength and that relentless "Bulldog Grip" we are famous for!

A Bulldog Elite…The Big Dog Anchor is our elite anchor, and is GUARANTEED to cover a surface area of 220 square inches.

A Bulldog Exclusive…The Bull Grip Anchor is a one of a kind product that can ONLY be ordered from us. It's our toughest product.

Our Deep Digging Dig Dog earth anchor is manufactured of the highest quality galvanized steel. Our earth anchor is a "helix style anchor" for the toughest soil conditions.

Our anchor accessories ensure the right tool for the job. Whether you need Anchor Eyes for Helix Style Anchors or our Double Grip Extension, we've got you covered!

Give us a call today at 432-561-9911 or toll free 877-561-9911 to place your order.