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Anchor Rod

  • 24" or 36" Extensions.
  • 1 1/4" Steel Rod.
  • Welded 3" Coupling.


  • Chambered Starting Thread.
  • Design for Areas Where You Need a Longer Rod.
  • Double the Square Inch Surface Area.
  • Allows for Extended Depth.
  • Easy Installation.
  • Can be Used with ANY of Our Safety Anchors.

The Double Grip Extension

The Double Grip Extension is the newest member of the Bulldog Safety Anchors family. The Double Grip Extension is specially made for situations where our clients may need a longer rod in wet soil or dry dirt, or for simply trying to anchor below a wet surface. Designed for areas where a longer rod is required, it doubles the square inch surface area, allows for extended depth, installs easily and can be used with ANY of our 3 safety anchors...The Runt, The Big Dog or The Bull Grip.



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