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Safety Anchor Tips and Information About Our Steel Oilfield Anchors and Soil Safety Anchors

Installing and setting an oilfield safety anchor...

This video gives an overview and explains the installation and setting of an oilfield safety anchor. If you have installation questions or need specific instructions, please contact us today.

Why you NEED Bulldog Safety Anchors for ALL of your anchoring needs...

Don't let this happen to you! Bulldog Safety Anchors superior pointed-end design ensures a tough "bite" into the soil, where other anchors with flat wing designs simply slide up and down — which can result in failure. Our anchors perform excellently in either loose or rocky soils and are ideal for more demanding soil conditions. Please contact us today or view our line of steel safety anchors and earth anchors to learn more.

Choosing the best steel anchors...

This video explains why "bite wing anchors" are the best safety anchors to use and install, due to their unique design and ability to "bite" into the soil for a superior hold and grip. Contact us today to place your order.

For the BEST safety anchors and soil anchors in the industry, contact Bulldog Safety Anchors today!

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