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The Bulldog Safety Anchors Guarantee

Bulldog Safety Anchors offers ALL of our customers a straightforward guarantee…

We call it our "2 for 1 guarantee" and it goes way beyond what other guy wire, steel safety anchor manufacturers typically offer.

If one of our anchors fails during setting or doesn't set properly due to a mechanical problem, we'll not only replace it – we'll give you an extra anchor for free!

Our anchors very rarely fail due to manufacturing defects. But if it happens to you, you're covered! We realize anchors stuck at the bottom of a hole aren't easy to retrieve.

Instead of having to get a backhoe to dig out a failed anchor, we'll provide you with another one of the same size. We'll also provide an extra anchor for free to help cover the added cost of having to dig a new hole.

If you purchase and install one of our anchors, we can't guarantee it won't pull up or that it's absolutely going to hold in all soil conditions. We can however guarantee you won't be stuck with an anchor at the bottom of a hole and a rod that's pulled out—a failure that's clearly due to a manufacturing defect.

That's the security of Bulldog Safety Anchor's 2 for 1 guarantee!

Strength testing results and certificates

Bulldog Safety Anchors provides testing results and certificates for the steel we use in manufacturing as well as for our anchors. Testing results and certificates are available upon request!

We use the industry standard A36 inch and a quarter rod steel. Each time we receive a load of 45,000 pounds of steel, a Certified Yield Test Report including the roll date of the steel is included.

Yield Strength Test numbers in the range of 51 KSI and Tensile Strength results around 73 KSI ensure we're using quality steel to manufacture our anchors. The tensile strength and yield strength of our anchors are consistently within range of the test numbers of the steel itself.

We also have our anchors tested regularly at Permian Basin Metallurgical Labs in Odessa. Tensile tests are performed, and we receive certificates indicating the exact point at which our anchors yield.

Typically, our anchors yield at much higher points than the minimum standard of 23,000 pounds. The 4 wing Bull Grip anchor has tested at 31,730 pounds. The Big Dog recently tested at 58,750, while the runt load tested at 39,000 pounds.

We're happy to provide testing results and certificates for BOTH the steel we use for manufacture and our anchors upon request.

As an additional measure of assurance, Bulldog Safety Anchors provides every new customer with a certificate of insurance automatically.

You'll receive a certificate of insurance stating we're current with coverage directly from our insurance company.

Contact us today to place your order for our superior, steel safety anchors!

A Bulldog Value…The Runt Anchor is made for less demanding jobs that still require quality, strength and that relentless "Bulldog Grip" we are famous for!

A Bulldog Elite…The Big Dog Anchor is our elite anchor, and is GUARANTEED to cover a surface area of 220 square inches.

A Bulldog Exclusive…The Bull Grip Anchor is a one of a kind product that can ONLY be ordered from us. It's our toughest product.

Our Deep Digging Dig Dog earth anchor is manufactured of the highest quality galvanized steel. Our earth anchor is a "helix style anchor" for the toughest soil conditions.

Our anchor accessories ensure the right tool for the job. Whether you need Anchor Eyes for Helix Style Anchors or our Double Grip Extension, we've got you covered!

Give us a call today: 432-561-9911 or toll free 877-561-9911 to place your order!